If you are a veteran and are totally and permanently disabled from a service connected disability, you may qualify for real and/or personal property tax exemptions. A veteran's surviving spouse may also qualify for an exemption.

For forms to apply, please view our Resources Page. For further information, please call us at (864) 297-7742 or contact us online! To all of our veterans, thank you for your service!

Many taxpayers believe they can gift money or property and there will be no tax issues associated with doing so - after all, it's a gift. But the truth is, there can be major tax consequences so I'm taking a few mintues to make sure each of you are aware of the potentital pitfalls.

Annual exclusion - The exclusion amount is periodically adjusted for inflation. For 2015 the annual gift exclusion is $14,000 per recipient. Thus, an individual can give up to $14,000 to as many recipients as he or she would like without creating a requirement to file a gift tax return. The $14,000 applies to each individual giver, so each spouse of a married couple can give $14,000, for a total per couple of $28,000 to any one person.

For many of you, hiring the kids to work in the family business might not sound all that appealing initially, (teens, especially your own can be difficult to work with) but hiring the kids really offers some significant benefits for everyone.

Whether you think of our connected world as a benefit or as a time waster, there's no escaping the complex red tape associated with providing access to our digital assets after we pass away. What lives online is neither easy to access nor is it clear cut as to who can get to it. So here are some things to think about when it comes to your digital world:

It's a good idea for you to get a power of attorney, a health care proxy and a will for children who are heading off to college. The power of attorney can allow you to help with bill payments, lost credit cards and other issues. The proxy can let you make medical decisions for your children if the children are unconscious.